Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Social networking

I trolled my way through quite a few libraries that are using social networking- randomly picking out a few. Found it interesting what attracted me to the various sites. Did not like New Caroline Kennedy Library, Denver Public Library or Fort Vancouver Regional Library - some sites I could not get into which frustrated me - but my all time favourite was the Kearns Library - - loved this site - very busy screen - easy to navigate around and I could listen to a couple of my favourite songs - OPshop "One day" and Guns n' Rose " Sweet child o' mine". Can see the appeal for the younger patrons - but even a mature patron like myself found it extremely appealing. i read the article Libraries in social networking software by Meredith Farkas - she highlighted some valid point. but she did say that parents need to be educated about what their kids are doing online - easier said than done!!. More often than not both parents are working and the internet is the babysitter. Many parents send their child to the library - so is it the librarians responsibilty to monitor what the children are delving into. As time allows I will go back and search out a few more libraries on the list.

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