Monday, September 8, 2008

MySpace and Facebook

Again this was a whole new learning curve. Social networking the implications of this are enormous. I was not fussed with Bebo and Myspace was okay. Liked Facebook - easy to use I even found my son on the site - he has a profile and a very nice picture of himself and a friend - at a league game by the looks of it. He will be impressed that I even managed to find my way to the site!!! Took a tour around the Rotorua Public Library site. Really neat - good for drawing in those younger patrons and mature users I might add. No longer should the library be viewed as a nerd's paradise - this library site will show you otherwise. Its very busy with heaps to navigate. Auckland Public was pretty cool - loved the adopt your own virtual pet - you can even customize them. Only good things can come out of social networking for libraries - really have to look to the future and all the wonderful stuff that is "out there"

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