Sunday, September 21, 2008

The 23rd thing!!!!

Well I have to admit from a very slow and hesitant start - dragging feet - push comes to shove and all of that stuff - I realised just how much I did not know about what is out there in cyberworld. But as I progressed I realised how much I was enjoying the exercises and was eagerly waiting for the next posting. I have gained so much knowledge and will now be able to nod intelligently and understand when someone hurls at me a "tricky RSS feed, Delicious, wikis, Image generator, - Library thing and Podcasts( I still think its something to do with whales!!) "- golly the list goes on forever. I have come away from these testing exercises with a far better knowledge and understanding of what I can now offer my library patrons. As time allows I will be heading back into some of the sites and delving a bit further. My son still thinks I was pretty clever to find him on Youtube. Did not take me long to discover what I did not like - namely Technorati, RSS feeds and Rollyo. I will be heading back into Podcasts, YouTube, ebooks and Library Thing just to explore a bit further. Love the fact that I can add pictures to my blogg - could get carried away with my cat pictures. The whole Web 2.0 programme was a challenging exercise - it expanded and upskilled my computer knowledge - thank you Web 2.0 team for your patience.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Congratulations. You met the challenge head on and just look how well you have done!