Friday, September 5, 2008


I have to admit before I took the plunge into the whole new world of ebooks I had an extremely cynical view of the electronic setup. But I am sold on the whole concept.I explored the public domain. this takes you straight into Wikipedia. This site is excellent for school assignments. Choice of formats can download the complete works of William Shakespeare in basic HTML. Typed in Macbeth - the choice was endless as to how I wanted it - audio, video, MP3 etc and I loved the setup of breaking it down into characters, synopsis, analysis and criticism etc. Librivox was so easy to use and navigate around. My all time favourite was Google book search. Loved the layout - so easy to use. Looked up my treasured book when I was a child. Seven little Australians by Ethel Turner - and there it was. This site was fantastic for out of print classics. The choice of formats was extensive. (Open formats, closed formats, Acrobat reader & Microsoft reader). Amazon e-book I quote " is frightenly influential and a bargain to boot $9.99 to download to a PDA - great for that long airplane flight to far flung places.

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