Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well - I could have quite a bit of fun in this site. This is the first time I have been into YouTube and I really liked it. Looked at a couple of the library related videos. Librarian doo-wap - I found cheesy. School Library video Rock n' roll library - good for a laugh in a nerdish way - but don't really think it would drag the "with it" teenagers into the library in great numbers. One of the features I did like was using a high profile TV or movie personality to get across the message of how important it is to read and haunt your local library. I think this would be fantastic if it was integrated into our own library website - possibly a fun marketing tool!! Hopefully not too "infomercial"!!!
Liked the fact I could see one of my favourite bands Guns n' Roses performing my all time favourite song - Sweet child o mine!!!

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Mrs Doolittle said...

Yum photo - in his hayday. Glorious song.